Sunken Cheeks? Look Younger Instantly with Dermal Fillers

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Have you ever noticed that some people seem to age almost overnight? One day they (or you) seem fresh as a daisy, and just a few months later it’s like ten years have been added to the face. Studies on the ageing process have confirmed that yes, this does happen- and it’s almost entirely due to loss of tissue in the cheeks.




Tissue Loss 

Researchers tracking the ageing process observe that sun damage during the teenage and early adulthood years causes a slow, progressive accumulation of uneven skin pigmentation and wrinkles. The fatty tissues under the brow and jowls slowly fades away, causing the skin to gradually sag.

ea2a1227ffd434cd98b1283a5914fa68But the cheek tissue- in many people, the tissue that supports the cheeks vanishes practically overnight, leading to sunken cheeks, sagging skin, and an apparent gain of ten to fifteen years on the face over the course of less than a year.



Often a stressful situation seems to trigger this kind of sudden facial aging. A divorce, or a mid-life job loss. Yo-yo dieting can also cause this kind of sudden cheek collapse, especially in women. Luckily, there is a cure for this. If you find yourself suddenly looking ten years older, dermal fillers can restore your youth by lifting your cheeks back up.





Fillers are simply injected under the skin in a minimally invasive procedure. They take the place of lost fatty tissue to lift and support the skin, restoring it to its previous position. There are many different materials used as fillers:

  1. Calcium hydroxylapatite
  2. Collagen
  3. Fat
  4. Hyaluronic acid
  5. Polylactic acid
  6. Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres


Choice of material depends on the individual patient’s needs and preferences and should be determined only after discussions with the doctor.




The actual procedure is quite straightforward- a series of simple injections to the face. Some massaging of the tissues to spread the materials out may be necessary. Topical anesthetics are often use to numb the area; otherwise, minor burning and pinching sensations may occur. Depending on the size of the area being treated, a full treatment may take 15 to 45 minutes.



There is no recovery period required after injection of soft tissue fillers. Patients can get treated on their lunch hour and return to work immediately. There may be some mild bruising or swelling that will quickly go away. Ice packs to the face may be helpful. The discomfort level is rarely high enough to require pain medications.


How Long Will it Last?

The length of time that the filler lasts before needing to be re-applied varies tremendously. It depends on the type of filler chosen, the amount injected, and the individual patient. Most fillers last at least two years; some are essentially permanent.



Fillers are extremely safe. There is a slight risk of a reaction to the material. On infrequent occasions an infection can develop. Rarely, lumps or scarring can occur. Fat transplants are slightly riskier than other filler materials because of the need to harvest fat from elsewhere on the body, and the risk of the transplanted fat not surviving the procedure. In general, however, patients are delighted with their restored cheeks.


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Understanding Hip Pain From a Doctor’s Point of View

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Being one of the largest bones in the body, the hip is responsible for walking, and pain due to hip problems could be one of the worst dilemmas. A great number of people around the world undergo hip replacement every year. This is, in most cases, associated with the wear and tear of the cartilage, which is known to cushion the hip joint and at times ends up being worn out.

There are more than a few reasons why one would want to avoid hip problems at all costs. People who have reached the age of 50 may experience some degree of hip damage, and many of these people resort to taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen. If taken for a long time, such drugs carry the risk of causing gastrointestinal bleeding and causing ulcers. They may also increase the risk of heart disease.

Finding The Cause For Pain In The Hip 

To a doctor, there are two main reasons for hip pains. Firstly, whenever a patient describes pain in the hip, it may involve pain in the:
Outside of the hip
Inside of the hip
…The pain may sometimes radiate down the leg as well 

Oftentimes, patients who complain of hip problems may have issues that are orthopaedic in nature. However, they may also be suffering from hernias, infections of the urinary tract or even other issues that would need to be diagnosed and managed by specialists. To decide whether your hip pain or other hip issues are part of an orthopedic problem, it would be important to first have a clear understanding of the common as well as the less common orthopedic pathologies surrounding the hip. What should follow is a series of examinations directed at pinpointing the problem.

Determining whether the pain in the hip is caused by a local problem is a significant part of any patient’s orthopaedic examination. The local pain may be originating from multiple structures that are around the actual hip joint from the pelvis to the proximal thigh or to a different area such as the lower back.


The best way of classifying the pain in your hip is to first consider your age. This should be followed by a secondary classification, which is the actual location of the pain such as the groin, buttocks, lower back or the thigh. By a doctor, this can be ascertained by directly questioning the patient. The patient may be able to identify when the pain gets worse; for instance, when the pain happens as a result of arthritis, it would get worse when carrying out an activity. The pain may cause reduced range of motion and to another extent, it may cause a limp due to the area of the pain.


Relieving Pain 

To relieve pain in the hip, first consider some of the causes and these are:

Hip fractures, which may cause sudden pain


Hip Fractures

bone or joint infections


Bone or Joint Infections

Osteonecrosis of the hip


Osteonecrosis of The Hip

Arthritis (pain is felt in the groin area)

Labral tear of the hip


Depending on whether the hip pain is being caused by either a tendon or muscle strain, tendonitis or osteoarthritis, several methods may be applied to relieve the pain, such as the following non-surgical methods:

Physical therapy 
Lifestyle modifications 
Assistive devices 

Surgery is also something the doctor may recommend, but usually only if your pain is being caused by arthritis, and these surgical methods include:

Osteotomy: the thighbone head or the socket is cut and realigned
Hip resurfacing: a metal shell is used to replace the damaged bone and cartilage
Total hip replacement: new metal is positioned in place of both or one of the hip bones
…The femoral head may also be replaced. This restores the function of the hip.

In all cases, severe pain in the hip, pain which causes you to limp or pain that lasts for an extended period of time should be reported to your doctor.

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Why Cycling Can Be Considered As Being One of The Most Effective Forms of Exercise

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Reach Your Absolute Potential of Fitness

When it comes to attaining one’s greatest levels of fitness, an individual must dedicate themselves to abiding by a regularly maintained routine. By following their own guidelines of proper dieting and exercise, they will be able to find themselves benefiting from a plethora of benefits.



Types of Workouts One Can incorporate In Their Daily Routines

When following an exercise routine, the individual must ensure that they are incorporating the proper workouts into their daily regiments. Such workouts can include running, biking, jogging, swimming, lifting weights, playing sports, and many other types of physical activities. When working out, the individual must include both aerobic and anaerobic types of activities. Anaerobic is mostly consistent of building and/or maintaining one’s muscle mass, while aerobic is more along the lines of cardiovascular types of activities.





Why Biking Is So Effective

Bike riding is one of the most effective and safest forms of cardiovascular activities. Not only does it build one’s legs and other lower body extremities, but it also helps improve blood circulation and lung capacity. It is a great way to break a sweat while building the muscles in one’s legs. Since legs are considered to be one of the strongest muscles in the body, it is highly imperative for the individual to ensure that they are doing what they can to maintain their strength.





Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is beneficial in many ways, and there are many reasons why an individual should choose to incorporate it into their daily regiments over many other forms of exercise. As opposed to running, cycling is considered as being a low-impact form of exercise. Therefore, there are minimal chances of experiencing joint pain and other related issues many runners and athletes face due to constantly hitting one’s feet on pavement.



Wear proper Attire to increase performance while cycling.


Proper Attire Is Essential To One’s Performance

Just like any other sport or physical activity, a cyclist should invest in the proper attire to ensure that they are getting the most out of their workouts. Shoes are an essential form of apparel for just about any athlete. When searching for a specific brand of shoe, the potential buyer should look into its quality. If the shoe is toughly made, then there is a good chance of it lasting for a long while. However, the toughness of a shoe can also determine its comfort. If the buyer finds that their shoes are too tough in ways that it breaks their skin, then they may want to pick a different pair. But visiting a shop that tends to the greatest needs of their shoppers, one will be able to find the perfect pair for their needs. Buy cycling shoes online today to find the best deals, styles, and fashion trends today.



Wear quality attire for cushioning and comfort to perform their sport at the highest level.


The Importance of Wearing Quality Attire During Exercise

Although cycling requires the individual to put forth a great amount of effort to get the best results in regards to fitness, they should not experience discomfort due to their clothing, accessories, and apparel. One’s shoes should provide their feet with enough cushioning and comfort to perform their sport at the highest level. This is especially important when cycling, as one’s feet should stay in or on the pedals throughout the duration of one’s ride. If they slip out of the pedal placement sections, then they can potentially end up hurting themselves. Therefore, the shoes one wears while cycling is paramount to their performance.

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Helpful Tips to Ensure You Get What You Want When Buying Second Hand Car Parts

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There are many reasons to buy second hand car parts when repairing or upgrading your vehicle. They are inexpensive, durable and readily available. You need a way to navigate through the diverse selection of parts available. Several tips will help you to get what you want when buying second hand car parts.


Find Out Exactly What You Need

You should start by finding out exactly what you need. Car parts with the same name and function can be very different. You must look closely in order to figure out the precise part your car requires. Gather basic information like the make, model and year of the car. Examine the existing part to get any numbers or information. Look at the details of the part. Use all of this information to seek out a part that is compatible with your car and meets all specifications.


Ask About the Age of the Parts

You will want to ask the seller about the age of the parts. This is sometimes easy to determine if the parts are coming from 2nd hand cars since you can find the year of manufacture easily. Older parts are not necessarily bad although you should scrutinise them more to ensure there are no problems. The age of the parts could also matter because they might not be compatible with your vehicle if they were produced years before the car itself.


Check Whether the Parts Were Refurbished

You will find two types of second hand parts being sold. The first are parts that are pulled directly out of 2nd hand carsand put up for sale. The second are parts that have been removed and then refurbished. This means someone repaired the part or updated it. Check whether the parts you need have been refurbished. This can actually be good since the part will have new and working components. The key is to make certain that refurbished parts are still compatible with your current car before making a purchase.



Try To Inspect the Part in Person

You want to try to inspect second hand parts in person whenever possible. If you cannot view them in person, then ask the seller for current pictures of the actual part from several angles and distances. You are looking for a few things. The first is that the part actually looks like what you need. Look carefully for signs of corrosion, rust or other types of damage. You never want to purchase second hand parts without actually seeing what you are buying first.


Look Beyond Price

Everyone understands that second hand car parts can save you a significant amount of money when making repairs. It is still important to look beyond price when choosing parts. Do not take the lowest priced part automatically. Look at all aspects of the part from the condition and age to the manufacturer and history. It is sometimes better to pay a little more for a higher-end second hand car part because it will last longer and perform better over time.
Understand the Return Policy

You will want to understand the return policy before you decide to purchase a second hand car part. Some sellers might have no return policy since the parts are being sold as-is. Other sellers might have a limited return policy. If you are buying parts online, then you should look for sellers that will provide a refund if the part arrives damaged. You will also want a seller that will refund you if the part is not what was described online. Taking the time to choose a seller with a clear return policy can protect you when buying parts without seeing them first.

Second hand car parts can be invaluable when you need repairs. You still need to be careful when choosing and buying them. This is especially important when purchasing through a new seller for the first time. These tips will help you to get the parts that you need every time with the fewest problems.

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Diet Tips The Help You Meet Your Goal

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Don’t skip breakfast in the morning. Eat protein like an egg with whole wheat toast or toast and peanut butter or whole grain cereal. This will satisfy your hunger and keep you from snacking during the day on the wrong types of foods. Often skipping breakfast lead to buying donuts, coffee cake, or cookies on your break.




Exercise regularly doing what you enjoy. When you have an exercise routine that you like you are more likely to stick with it. Whether it is walking, running, hiking, biking, working at the gym, or dancing exercise burns calories. The more you enjoy this type of exercise the more likely you are to keep doing it.

Don’t snack late at night the body’s metabolism slows down and does not burn calories. Try not to eat anything at least 3 hours before going to bed. Getting enough sleep helps with weight loss and dieting. A hormone ghlerin increased in the body without adequate sleep which results in weight gain.


Get Free Diet and Nutrition Tips

Make your own lunch and eat it in the break room at work or at your desk. Choose foods that fit your diet fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meats, fish, and whole grain breads and yogurt. Be sure to pack a lunch that fill you up so you do not snack during the day.





Eat more vegetables and salads with meals for lunch and dinner. Eat the salad and vegetables first or put more on the plate. The goal is to eat more of them as part of your meal. They have less calories.

Choose a diet that does not promise that you lose weight rapidly but gradually over time using sensible methods. Good diets promote eating three meals a day, and exercise. Dieting is never easy and is a commitment to changing the way you eat.





When snacking choose healthy snack without too much sugar and salt. Eat low fat yogurt, cheese, peanut butter and crackers, fruit, vegetables and dip, or nuts. Set a goal and timeline for weight loss to motivate you to reach your goal. Diet with a friend or group of men or women.

Keep a food journal noting what you eat during the day. This help you find patterns and change certain behaviors. It motivates you to look at your diet and see what you do to contribute to weight gain. It helps you lose weight too. Never go shopping when hungry and have a list of the food you want to buy.For more information please go to London Weight Management.



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How to Paint Your Nails: The Complete 5-Step Routine

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While many people have dabbled with nail polish at one point or another in their lives, the truth remains that for many people, a really great manicure is something that only happens at a salon. If you want to get a nice look for your hands without spending the cash at the salon, there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind.


1. First, start by prepping your nails. Use a file rather than a pair of clippers to shape your nails. This is something that can prevent your nails from breaking or from splitting. After that, make sure that your nails are clean using stiff nail brush to get underneath the nails themselves.


2. To paint your nails, you will need a clear coat polish and the colored polish of your choice. First, put down a layer of clear nail polish. This keeps the nail polish from flaking off, and it allows the layers of color to grip your nail better.

3. Start painting your nails with a brush that has been lightly brushed against the mouth of the nail polish bottle. This allows you to apply thin layers of nail polish to your nails. The thinner the layer of color, the better it will stick to your nails. Work slowly, and make sure that you cover the entire nail. After you have finished the first coat, assess the color. The color might be deep enough for you as is, or you might find that it you need it deeper.

4. Allow the nail polish to dry for at least five minutes. Ideally, you will allow it to dry for at least ten minutes. Once the polish is completely dry, add another layer. make sure that you allow each layer to dry completely before you add another.

5. When the color is as deep as you want it to be, allow the nail polish to dry completely. When it has done so, you can add one or two more layers of a clear coat and you will be done once it is dry.


As an extra tip, remember that you can clean up spills and drips by dunking a Q-tip into nail polish remover and using it to clean up the drips. This can prevent you from needing to redo the entire nail.

Take some time to think about your nails (see Shakura). While a salon will do a great job, you will find that a little bit of attention will give you some great resources to work with at home.

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Vinod Sekhar, Man of Many Talents

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Talk of Datuk Vinod Sekhar and one thinks of many things … visionary, businessman, movie producer, environmentalist, and even political commentator.

Praised by everyone from former US President, Bill Clinton to Cuba’s Fidel Castro, Vinod counts many international luminaries as close friends and buddies. He even continues to do business with some of them like Hollywood actor, Bruce Willis who is another close friend.

So what makes Vinod Sekhar so attractive or interesting to those who know him? Is it because he just brims with ideas and lofty concepts of a more just world where everyone can be helped to earn a decent living?

Or is it his connections with the powers that be from around the world which makes almost everything he touches turn to gold – read huge profits for his business associates?

Fact is, Vinod is a social capitalist with an insatiable appetite for causes that help create or promote a just world. A strong supporter of Supply Side Economics, he believes in enriching businessmen with lower taxes and incentives so that they can expand and build even bigger businesses.

“My reasoning is quite simple, and it has nothing to do with greed. The fact is that if businessmen earned high incomes due to lower taxes and better incentives, they can divert more business funds to social causes that truly assist the masses.

“This is what I mean by social capitalism. It’s a leaf off the old saying that it’s better to teach a man to fish then to give him fish every day. By teaching him to fish, he will learn to provide for himself and his family,” Vinod says.

With this in mind, Vinod Sekhar has consistently opened up opportunities for others to better themselves.

For instance, he makes it a point to put his money where his mouth is, and starts with his own employees. He ensures that all his employees have stable careers by ensuring the financial health of his businesses.

He only takes calculated business risks and seeks the advice of experts when necessary. Even then, he says that businesses go through a cycle of ups and downs that are tied to national and or global economic health.

The most important thing during a downturn, he says, is to keep one’s faith and continue to inspire your employees that things will get better. “And when it does, reward your employees for sticking with you during the rough times,” he says.

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5 Ways to Contour the Face

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For thousands of years, makeup has been used as a way of enhancing the features and creating a more attractive appearance on the face. Almost every society in the world has embraced the power of makeup, whether it includes a bit of rouge for the lips or kohl that has been applied to define the eyes. Today, women are embracing cosmetics to create a thinner face shape that allows the bone structure to have more definition. By contouring the natural features, it creates a flawless appearance that enhances the highest points on the face. When practicing the technique, there are a few tips to follow for a flawless finish.


1. Draw Lines Down the Nose

Instead of going under the knife to create a slimmer nose, you can dab an eyebrow brush in bronzer and create two dark lines down the middle of the nose that extend just below each eyebrow. Add a touch of highlighter on the top of the nose between the lines to enhance the thinnest part of the feature. Blend well for a natural look that allows the light to reflect off of the top of the nose.






2. Highlight the Highest Points

One of the main tricks to contouring the face with makeup tools is to highlight the highest points, which draw attention to the most complimenting features on the face. Bronzer should be applied to the lowest points of the face for added shadows that allow flaws to draw back. When applying highlighter, it’s important to use your fingertips for a natural application technique that will warm each product and allow it to glide onto the skin easier.





3. Sculpt Under the Height of Your Cheekbones

The depth and height of your cheekbones will ultimately determine how slim your face looks. Those with round or square faces can benefit from the contouring technique by sculpting under the height of the cheekbones with a dark shade and drawing a diagonal line that extends under the jaw with a small round brush. This will allow the cheeks to have more depth and will create a narrow illusion with every face shape. A small amount of highlighter from 3CE makeup can also be used on the top of the cheekbone to sharpen the feature and draw more attention to the most narrow part.

4. Use Blush

One of the most common mistakes people make when contouring the face is forgetting to add a bit of color to the skin to create a natural complexion. It’s important to add a sweep or two of blush to the apples of your cheeks and close to each ear. Use a light pink blush for a subtle shade that doesn’t appear too dramatic or artificial. This will add a bit of life to your face for extra warmth that will also draw more attention to your eyes.





5. Apply Primer

Although you may leave the house feeling confident with the contouring technique that you’ve applied to your face, the makeup can easily look like a hot mess after a few hours. Both sweat and oil can cause the makeup to run for a look that appears cakey. Makeup artists always apply primer to clean skin before adding highlighter or bronzer to allow it to set for the day. Primer can also be used after all of the makeup has been applied to ensure that the face looks just as beautiful minutes after each product was used. It will allow you to maintain a beautiful glow even on warmer days when you’re prone to sweat.


How to Contour & Highlight your face!!

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6 Model Tips for Smooth and Beautiful Hair

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Models in magazine and actresses on television have gorgeous hair that’s smooth and healthy. Flyaways don’t exist, and you long to have the same lustrous locks. However, you’re frustrated when you look in the mirror and see the hair frizzing around the crown of your head. If you want to keep your hair healthy, soft and smooth, here are the steps (provided by Yun Nam Hair Care Malaysia) you should take.



Invest for quality shampoos and conditioners for better hair.


1. Invest in the Better Supplies

You hit the grocery store and see bulk brand promising salon results. The fact is that most cheap shampoos are made with low-quality ingredients that coat the hair and aren’t creating the results you dream of. It’s worth it to invest in quality shampoos and conditioners that are healthier for your hair and deliver on their promises.


Always emulsify shampoo and conditioner by rubbing it before apply in on hair.


2. Use it Right

Now that you have the right supplies, make sure that you’re using them properly. Always emulsify shampoo and conditioner by rubbing it between our hands before putting it on your hair. Use shampoo on the scalp and hair closest to your skin. Allow the lather to wash down and clean the length. When you apply conditioner, put it only on the length to avoid weighing down the strands and making your hair seem greasy.


Wrap a towel around your hair and let it absorb the extra moisture.


3. Always Consider the Friction

Rubbing hair vigorously causes strands to break and leads to flyaways. Wrap a towel around your hair and let it absorb the extra moisture. Take care not to use tight bands that will break your hair, and never use a brush on wet hair. A wide-tooth comb or pick will let you comb the hair without damaging it.


Have a balance diet for proper protein to keep your hair healthy.


4. Feed Your Hair

Beautiful hair really does start with a balanced diet. Eat right and be sure to include plenty of protein, vegetables and fruit in your diet. You may also want to consider taking biotin-based supplements that are designed to promote hair health.


Avoid curling iron and hair dryer for hair, if cant’ avoid apply protective serums to minimize the damage.


5. Forget the Heat

You may be accustomed to heat styling, but heat damages your hair. Whenever possible, skip the curling iron and hair dryer. If you do need to heat style your hair, then invest in protective serums that will minimize the damage.


Regular trims is a great way to keep your hair looking incredible.


6. Regular Visits

When you find a hairdresser you like, keep up with a regular schedule of trimming and care. As your hair goes without being trimmed, the ends split and start to fray. The damage spreads up the shaft and leaves your hair looking less than health. Regular trims are a great way to keep your hair looking incredible.

With these easy tips, you can maintain healthy and beautiful hair that you can be proud of. You may spend a little more on the effort, but you’ll find that the results are well worth the investment.

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How to Solve Aesthetic Aging Problems with Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

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Support Your Body’s Innate Restorative Functioning with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


The human body possesses amazing powers of self-regeneration. To achieve a more youthful look, all one must do is reinforce this innate power. When researching the best methods to support your skin’s anti-aging properties, you’ll be presented with many types of procedures. One of the most innovative and effective of these medical strategies is called platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP). This beauty treatment, which utilizes a component of your own blood, is also referred to by the tongue-in-cheek nickname of The Vampire Facelift.


How Platelet Rich Plasma Works


This medical procedure is a regenerative injection therapy of platelet rich plasma. Plasma injections have been used historically to help heal wounds, regenerate tissue and aid in surgical recovery. It’s no surprise that, given the amazing medical applications that utilize PRP, cosmetic aesthetic clinics began to investigate the anti-aging significance of this unique therapy. Platelet rich plasma treatment restores a more youthful appearance by stimulating collagen production, increasing blood supply to body tissues and accelerating the rate of normal cell regrowth. PRP is able to affect these changes by stimulating a specific group of skin cells, called dermal fibroblasts. These cells are responsible for regenerating tissue and healing scars. By stimulating these cells, most patients will experience noticeable and natural anti-aging results following PRP.


What to Expect During the Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Procedure

The procedure takes place in an aesthetic dermatology clinic. You first have a small vial of your blood drawn. This is then placed in a centrifuge, where your plasma is separated from the other components of your blood. The centrifugal motion infuses your plasma with a higher than normal amount of platelets, enriching the fluid beyond what your body would normally produce. After your blood work has been completed, the procedure will take place in the following manner:


  1. Your skin will be cleansed and prepared for treatment.
  2. You will receive a pre-determined amount of injections, experiencing very little discomfort.
  3. The procedure will be completed within 15 minutes, and you will not be required to engage in any special post-procedural care.

The results gradually appear over the next 3-4 weeks as your body repairs its cells with its own concentrated restorative components. Clients are invariably satisfied with the subtle and natural improvements that are the result this dermal therapy. A treatment course of 3 separate injection therapies, spaced 1-2 months apart, is generally recommended to produce an optimal outcome.


Why Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment is Safe

Unlike other cosmetic injectables, PRP is derived from your own blood. Since this fluid originates from your body, the chances of suffering a negative reaction are virtually impossible. Some people experience very mild swelling, bruising or redness around the injection site that dissipates after a few days. Due to the non-invasive nature of the small injections, the risk of infection is exceedingly low.


Discover a Younger Looking Self 

PRP is so safe, effective and non-intrusive, why would you choose any other treatment? Scheduling an appointment with a trusted aesthetic clinic is the first step on the journey to achieving a younger, fresher look. If you want to rid yourself of under-eye circles and bags, fine line and wrinkles, scars and sagging face tissue, platelet rich plasma therapy could be the perfect solution for you!


Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) Facial Therapy

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