How to Save Money Using Fixed Deposits in Malaysia

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Fixed deposits (FD) are a type of financial tool that helps you save while earning more than a regular savings account. A rate of interest is guaranteed for a fixed period of time from one month up to five years. Before selecting an FD, it is recommended to research FD rates from different banks.

To get the higher interest rate, you need to leave your money in the FD for the selected time. The longer FD you choose, the higher the interest rate will be. This is the way the bank encourages you to invest for longer periods. The difference in interest can be from 0.15 per cent to 0.4 per cent. This may seem like a small amount, but with a substantial investment it can amount to a significant sum.

Normally, you cannot withdraw money from the FD until the investment has reached maturity, which means the time limit you selected, without forfeiting the interest. Because of this, it is essential that you only invest in FD the amount of money you can afford to be without for that time period.

Even though FDs are fixed, there is a little flexibility. Some banks will allow you to withdraw a portion of the investment before the time is up without giving up your interest. To do this, you need to select this option at the time of investing. The options are:

You can access some of your money without closing the account 
• You can access some of your money before the account is mature 
• You continue to earn interest on the balance of your account 
• You may get some interest on the portion of the money you withdraw early 

Many banks will give you 50 per cent of your interest if the account is at least three months old. Each bank will have its own terms and conditions for FDs.

Your FD can be automatically renewed when it matures. This means the principal and interest earned go into another FD for the same time period. Your other option is to cash out the FD and take your principal as well as your interest. The bank will notify you in writing when the FD is about to mature if you haven’t given prior instructions to automatically renew it.

If you have a five year FD, you’ll have to wait another five years to get full benefit. If this isn’t useful for you, it’s better to cash out at maturity and reinvest.

Citi Bank Fixed Deposit

Citi Bank Fixed Deposit


Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit




Hong Leong Bank Fixed Deposit

Hong Leong Bank Fixed Deposit




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5 Simple Tips to Save You Money While Shopping For Groceries Without Coupons

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Grocery shopping is something that everyone has to do. Grocery stores do not always make it easy to save money or find the lowest priced items in the aisles. You have stay informed and have a strategy when shopping. A few simple tips will help you to save money while shopping for groceries.


Stick To Seasonal Produce

Sticking to seasonal produce is a good way to save money. This means identifying which fruits and vegetables are actually in season and being grown locally. Buying local produce can save you money since the fruits are vegetable cost less due to the shorter travel and processing times. Seasonal produce also tend to be healthier and tastier than vegetables shipped from halfway around the world.


Always Try the Store Brands

Every grocery store today has a generic or store brand. Most of these items are really made by the same companies that create the name-brand products. You should always try the store brands. There is often little to no difference in taste or quality. They also cost far less than national name brand products.


Consider Shopping At Multiple Stores

You will want to compare flyer from different grocery stores when making a list. It can sometimes help to do small bits of shopping across multiple stores in a single day. This is because one store might have the best price on low fat milk while another has better meat or bakery prices. Although visiting different stores might seem inconvenient, it can save you money every month.


Look For Frozen Meats and Seafood

Grocery stores do not put all the meat and seafood in the same area. Meat and seafood is often spread across several locations like refrigerator sections, deli counters and the frozen food aisles. Something to look for is frozen meats and seafood. These generally cost less than refrigerated varieties since you need to defrost them before use. It is often possible to find frozen seafood or ground beef that costs much less than what is available in the refrigerated displays.


Request a Rain Check during Sales

There are times when sale items run out quickly. This can be frustrating especially if you had planned several meals around the sale items. Most grocery stores will actually issue a rain check to customers upon request. A rain check means that the store will honor the sale price the next time the products come into stock. You can use rain checks to make sure no sales are missed even if the products run out early.

Grocery Store Psychology

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Boarding School

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boarding school student

As the breadth of human knowledge grows exponentially, education increasingly becomes the key to the best possible future opportunities. Where should a student go to get the best education? One option that stands out above the rest is boarding school. These schools are educational establishments with long and rich histories, but many students and their parents are hesitant to take the leap due to some unanswered questions. This article aims to answer these questions and to make the whole

I heard these kinds of schools are incredibly expensive! How could I and my family possible afford it?” This is by far one of the most common questions. Many students and parents are under the assumption that if they do not have a large amount of money set aside for their student’s tuition, these schools are no longer an option. This could not be further from the truth. In actuality, less-well-off parents are able to apply for generous grants, bursaries, and other methods of financial assistance. So long as the student in question qualifies for a school academically and has glowing letters of recommendations, acceptance into a school is possible. 

My student is very intelligent, but what if it is not good enough for such prestigious schools?Conventional wisdom would have parents and students believe that these kinds of schools are only for the talented, or the gifted, or the ambitious. In reality, these alternatives to public education accept all manner of students from all walks of life. Each school is different with equally rich and vibrant student bodies. What they all have in common is their ability to bring out the best in students. No matter what level at which a student starts school, the rigorous academic environment will help them improve. 

Don’t these kinds of schools breed misery from too much homework and discipline?Not at all! While qualified staff do keep an eye on students at all times, many adults who have gone to such schools report that it was the best time of their lives. Students are exposed to creative projects, sports, field trips, and social activities that their private and public school peers simply never get to experience. As for homework, while it might be true that students are given more homework than those who attend a state school, their academic responsibility is always balanced with plenty of down time and fun. 

While these questions are far from all encompassing, hopefully they give you a good start on your journey to determining what kind of educational environment is best for your child. You can have a look at Prince of Wales Island International Boarding School in Penang.


Why Boarding School Infographic

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4 Tips To Make Losing Weight on a Diet Easier

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Many different diets are available today that you could follow to lose weight. The best diets rely on portion control, good nutrition and exercise instead of gimmicks. Controlling calories and eating less is not always easy. Hunger cravings can come at any time that could lead to binging. Several tips will make it easier for you to lose weight while following a diet.


Drink Water Icon  Hunger Pangs Sometimes Mean Thirst

One of the first things to realize is that the signals that indicate hunger in your body can sometimes really be indicating thirst. The sensations can be nearly identical. Something that can make losing weight easier is to drink a cup of water if you start to feel hunger pangs. A glass or two of water will physically fill your stomach. Water could completely remove any sensation of hunger. This can help to prevent impulsive eating during the day.


Diet Meme



Salt Icon  Add Spice to Every Meal

You can make losing weight easier by adding spice to every meal. This means items like chilies, hot sauce or other spices that have a little heat. Spices activate your taste buds. Your body and mind both perceive spicy foods differently. Your body will feel more full and satisfied faster when eating foods with a good amount of spice in them. This makes it easier to eat less. Bland foods do not trigger the same reaction. Your body will crave larger amounts of bland foods.





meal icon  Eat Five Smaller Meals during the Day

One of the keys to successfully losing weight on a diet is to never go too long without eating. Starving your body can lead to impulsive eating or binging. This is why you should plan to eat five smaller meals during the day instead of just two or three large meals. This means you never have to go more than two or three hours without food. Five smaller meals will also provide you with a more consistent supply of energy during the day. You should consider eating the largest meal first and then reducing portions as the day goes on. See London Weight Management case studies.



Cat Diet Meme




eat icon  Eat Slowly and Without Distractions

Distracted eating can harm your diet especially when it is a normal habit. This means eating in front of a television or eating while doing something else. Eating slowly and without distractions can make losing weight easier. Meals are more filling and satisfying when every bite is savored and recognized. If you eat while distracted, then overeating is likely because most bites will go by unnoticed.








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Ample Preparation is Key to Top-Notch Travel: 5 Important Tips

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While going on a trip is undeniably exciting, it also involves ample preparation and planning. If you go on a trip unprepared, it could totally ruin the experience — the last thing you want. Before embarking on your adventure, take a look at these handy travel tips. You’ll be happy you did.


reviews 1. Pay Attention to Reviews

Don’t go into travel blindly. Travel entails making big decisions in everything from lodging to dining. Always do your research first. If you carefully browse online reviews for a hotel, then you might spare yourself the shock of checking in and finding that it lacks running water — and also has a serious insect problem. Not only is it important to take reviews into consideration, but it’s also important to read accounts from several different perspectives.


Security 2. Consider Your Valuables

Whether you’re going on domestic or international travel, you need to keep your valuables in a secure spot at all times. Losing your wallet, passport, driver’s license or money while away from home can be a serious headache. If you sport a money pouch and always have it on your person, however, you can save yourself a lot of potential hassle. Remember, a thief cannot access a money pouch as easily as he or she can access a backpack or purse.


Airplane 3. Invest in Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can be extremely useful for people who are going out of the country. If you experience an injury or sickness while in a foreign nation, travel insurance can help you take care of any stressful medical costs — a major benefit. Remember, even seemingly minor health issues can sometimes rack up hefty price tags.


water 4. Always Drink Plenty of Water

You’re never too busy to drink plenty of water, even when you’re having the time of your life traveling. If you get dehydrated while traveling, you become markedly more vulnerable to viruses. Dehydration can also intensify pesky jet lag, which can put a serious damper on your travel.


Flight 5. Keep Moving

Long plane, car or train rides can be dull. They can make you feel sluggish and stiff. If you’re on an 8-hour flight to Europe, make a point to stretch, stand up and walk around whenever you’re permitted to do so. If you’re on a long drive across the country, take frequent breaks at rest stops to get some air and move around. If you don’t, you could risk joint aches and blood clotting. Always make health a priority while traveling.

Contributor: Alain Fanaie the world explorer with professional traveling guides.



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E-Commerce Checklist: Setting Up Your First Online Store

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Ecommerce tb

Electronic commerce generates billions of dollars in revenue each year for businesses around the globe. If you’re about to set up your first e-commerce site, you’re taking the first step towards making your products easily accessible to your target market. However, there are a few things that you would need to consider before you go ahead with your project. Here are some considerations for entrepreneurs who set up an e-commerce site for the first time:




Your Product Descriptions and Images


In a retail store, people can examine the product and its packaging prior to making a purchasing decision. But in the online world, this isn’t really possible, as the customer won’t touch the product until they receive it. Therefore, you should ensure that you have complete descriptions of all your products written. They will serve to give information about what the product is, what it is good for and what advantages it offers to the buyer.

Pictures are also quite important. People want to see what they are buying, so you should include clear, high-quality visual representations of your products in your site. Obviously, this is more important in some industries than others. If a customer is buying a USB cable, they probably already know what one looks like and won’t need to see 20 pictures of it taken at different angles. But if they’re buying a jacket, they would probably want to have a good idea of what it would look like.


Product Photography Tutorial using tabletop continuous lighting





The Platform and Hosting

There are various e-commerce platforms available in the online world. They work as a type of Content Management System (CMS) which is specifically geared towards making online sales. A platform gives you both the front end, which the customer sees, and a back end, which you can use to administer your site and check your sales. Some e-commerce platforms are completely free. If you want, you can get a free e-commerce site here. Others require a one-time or regular payment. Be sure to compare various platforms before making a choice. offer free online platform for ecommerce store offer free online platform for ecommerce store



Another important element of having an e-commerce site is the web hosting. You should ensure that your web host is reliable and is able to accommodate an e-commerce site of your size. Remember that database driven sites like e-commerce websites will require more server resources than a simple static site that just has a few pages about your business. You definitely don’t want your site going down several times a day because your host’s infrastructure is unable to keep up with it.


Payment Processing Solutions

Obviously, when you run an online store, you will need some way of accepting payments from your customers. There are numerous shopping carts that you can deal with depending on the type of merchandise you sell and the country you are based in. Note that payment processors will take a certain fee for each credit card payment that they process for you, so you should compare a few to find the one that will be the most affordable for your business needs.


MOLPay Easy Payment Gateways For All

MOLPay Easy Payment Gateways For All






IPay88 Payment Gateways for Asia Countries

IPay88 Payment Gateways for Asia Countries





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5 Books To Read to Make Your First Million

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If you want to become a millionaire, it won’t just happen from wishing it were so. You have to take steps to make it happen. One of the best ways that you can help yourself along the path of becoming a millionaire is to educate yourself. You don’t have to earn an MBA or a PhD to learn what you need to know to become rich. There are lots of books you can check out for free from the public library that are full of invaluable information. Here is a look at five business books to read to make your first million.


1. Outliers, Written by Malcolm Gladwell

This groundbreaking book blows the lid off the traditional view of how people become successful. Reading this book will help you to recognize the best path that you can follow to become a success at whatever field you wish to. One of the most important lessons you will learn in this book is that becoming a master at anything requires you to put in 10,000 hours of practice.





2. The Dip, Written by Seth Godin

At the heart of the American philosophy of success is the thought that only those who never give up will ever earn success. This book argues that that line of thinking is wrong. In fact, the book argues that sometimes recognizing when it is time to give up is precisely the skill that people need to have in order to succeed in business.






3. Rich Dad Poor Dad, Written by Robert T. Kiyosaki

This should be required reading by every man who is a father. If you want to be able to be not only a success in business but also in parenthood, following Kiyosaki’s philosophy of passive income generation is a wise path to follow. Kiyosaki argues that the freeing up of time that passive income streams create allows men to be much better fathers by spending the extra time they gain with their children.


Rich Dad Poor Dad



4. The War of Art, Written by Steven Pressfield

When you finish reading this book, you may have the unsettling thought that you need to be a lot tougher on yourself. Pressfield argues in his book that the people who succeed in life are those who are able to be their own harshest critics. The book argues that the only way that people can overcome the many obstacles that life throws in their paths is by being able to recognize them, which is more challenging than most people realize. It requires the unflinching ability to examine your flaws to be able to overcome them.





5. The 4-Hour Workweek, Written by Timothy Ferriss

This book is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to succeed in the modern world. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire without sacrificing the leisure time that makes life worth living, then reading this book will provide you with the blueprint you need to make that dream a reality. Ferriss outlines in this book exactly how you can create a business that continues to generate money for you even when you are not at work, and those who put his plan into practice will reap the benefits of the extraordinary amount of free time that his plan creates in their lives.


The 4 Hour Work Week



You should never think that becoming a millionaire is just a pipe dream. Anyone can do it if they put in the research and effort needed to achieve success. If you want to take the first steps to making your dreams of wealth come true, reading these five business books is a great way to begin your journey.

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Beauty Treatments from Japan That Are Becoming Popular Around The World

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japanese beauty

For the past few years, Japan has been one of the beauty capitals of the world. Many of the cutting edge beauty treatments done in some of the world’s most elite salons originated in the land of the rising sun. This article will alert you to five of the breakthrough beauty treatments that came from Japan.


1) Boosting Metabolism While Getting Clean

Many Japanese women like to take long, 100 degree-plus baths in order to boost their metabolism. It is said that these hot baths burn calories. Usually, these hot baths are used to warm your body and increase your body’s circulation. Followers of this regimen do not eat cold salads. Instead, they eat meals with steamed vegetables.






2) Resculpting Massage

Who doesn’t want to be smaller? A groundbreaking Japanese resculpting massage technique shifts your bones into a smaller silhouette so that your waist looks as if a bone or two was removed. Those who have undergone the treatment say that it is a painful but effective kneading process that left them with better posture at the end of their session.

Resultime Lifting Resculpting Professional Treatment – Massage Sequences




3) Lash Extensions

During the past decade, eyelash extensions have become a very popular beauty treatment in Japan. This is because lash extensions give your eyes that extra “wow” factor. Japanese women who have gotten lash extensions have raved about the transformation that their eyes have gotten. This beauty treatment has become so popular that they have made their way into salons in the United States, Europe, and many other countries.


4) Eye Putti

For a truly “wow” look, many Japanese women use an eye crease-creating tool called Eye Putti. Nowadays, Asian women all over the world are using this and similar products to bring out some of their natural beauty.


5) Skin Softeners

While American skincare often involves the sloughing away of upper skin layers, Japanese skincare experts take a novel approach to your largest organ. Instead of stripping toners, Japanese women use “softeners” such as Shiseido Future Solution LX. According to Japanese skincare experts, a good softener helps your skin’s outer layer fight inflammation, environmental damage, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.





Japanese beauty treatments are often at the forefront of the beauty industry. What is being done in Japanese salons will soon spread to salons all over the world. Find Shakura beauty centres in KL in order to learn about the latest in Japanese beauty treatments and regimens.


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Tips to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

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Nail polish is a fun and trendy accessory that looks great with any outfit and is both formal or casual enough for any occasion. Many women are even opting out of having fake acrylic nails installed to adorn themselves with natural, painted nails that are much more manageable and affordable.

When applying polish, it can easily look messy if not done with a steady hand and the right tools involved. By learning a few tips, nails can look well-polished and professionally manicured, all while doing it in the comfort of your home.


Use Vaseline

The most common problem for women painting their nails is painting onto their cuticles and the surrounding skin due to an unsteady hand. Even after years of practice, it can be impossible to apply nail polish perfectly. By applying a light coat of vaseline to the surrounding area of a nail, it will cause the polish to only be applied on the nail, thus creating a clean and “polished” look. Simply wipe away the vaseline after the nails have dried.


Push Back Cuticles

Cuticles should be gently pushed down every week, allowing more of the nail to show and prevent any tears. By pushing cuticles back, it will also mean that there’s more room for the polish to be painted on the fingernail, elongating the size of the nail and looking cleaner without having it painted straight on to the cuticle. To moisturize the cuticles, apply cuticle oil after performing your manicure.


Use Your Fingers

Use the tip of your fingernail to clean wipe the sides of the polish to make it look cleaner. Your nail is the best tool to keep the lines fine and straight. This should be done with a nail that has not yet been polished.


Be Modest with the Polish

When getting your colored polish out, shake the polish to ensure the product is evenly distributed. Make sure there is a modest amount of paint on the brush, while scraping away any excess onto the rim of the bottle. It is much easier to paint nails with a smaller amount of paint than it is with gobs of it. One side of the brush should be lacking any polish, while the other side has a drop of it.


Manicure Infographic




Draw Lines

Begin by putting a drop of nail polish in the lower middle area of the nail. You then want to pull the brush away from the drop to create a single line down the middle of the fingernail, then painting one line on either side. This will make it easier to stay within the lines and avoid creating the illusion of an oversized nail.


Use Cold Water

After you’ve painted the first layer of polish, dip your fingertips in ice cold water to help it dry faster. Hold them in the water for a total of three minutes to ensure the polish has become completely solid. You can now apply the second layer, and repeat.

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Are V-Shape Face Treatments Painful?

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Facial contouring is the newest, hottest trend when it comes to changing and altering how your face looks. V-Shape face treatment is one of the most well-known forms of facial contouring, using radio frequencies and ultrasound technology to tighten the facial skin, trim unnecessary facial fat, and generally improve facial appearance. Typically, hot and cold style ultrasound waves are projected onto the face, damaging fat cells. Because these waves are targeted to attack only fat cells, there is no damage to any other facial tissue.




Why V-Shape?

One of the reasons V-Shape face treatments are so popular is because of how long their results last. Other fat-removal options may remove the excess, but without a change in diet or lifestyle, the fat simply comes back. With V-Shape treatments, the ultrasound waves actually damage the fat storage cells, leaving them unable to store fat at all for quite some time.

The procedure is also extremely safe. There have been no reported side effects, there are no injections or drugs involved — just ultrasound waves that will damage nothing but the fat cells they are targeting.





Are V-Shape Face Treatments Painful? 

Not only do the treatments have no negative side effects, they also are not painful while they’re going on. You may feel very warm, but thanks to the technology used, your face will heat up gradually instead of all at once. Some patients have even described the treatment methods as being very relaxing, like a heated massage.


After the Treatment

Because of the way this technology works, you will begin to see results immediately after your first session. Sessions typically last from fifteen to thirty minutes, and there is no wait time to resuming your normal routine. Just as you might pop out of the office on your lunch break to get a massage or a facial treatment, you can have a V-Shape treatment done and return to work immediately afterward.

While the V-Shape method has been approved in many cases for use on the entire body, most dermatologists will limit it to the face and neck, as that is by far the most common use of the treatment. If you are interested in more advanced or whole-body fat removal processes, talk to your doctor about possible options.


V lifting for a sharp and V shape jawline_04



Is V-Shape Face Treatment Right For Me?

V-Shape technology can be used by all skin types and at any time during the year, making it one of the most versatile body contouring options available. If you have sensitive skin, it may well be worth looking into. It’s also excellent for those who want to make a notable change in the way their face looks but are hesitant about getting plastic surgery. V-Shape treatments avoid scary hospital visits, needles and injections, and the occasional unwanted stigma about plastic surgery.

If you are interested in getting a V-Shape treatment, your first step is to consult a dermatologist or aesthetician for advice. Go to for V Shape Face Treatment advice on whether the V-Shape treatment is something that would be good for you.


Great Deals for Ladies: New York Skin Price In Malaysia.

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